Kirstall Abbey by Colin Black

New Exhibition: Sacred Yorkshire: Abbeys and Ruins by Colin Black

Last night, we launched our new exhibition – Sacred Yorkshire: Abbeys and Ruins by Colin Black – with an intimate preview evening in the gallery.

Jervaulx Abbey Colin Black
Jervaulx Abbey by Colin Black

The exhibition features work on mixed media by artist, Colin Black, who lives in York with his wife Sallie, where they run the Seek Art School. Colin studied at the Royal College of Art and the Chelsea School of Art in London. He then worked as a graphic designer and taught art and design for many years, with twenty-five years spent living in Scotland.

Abbeys and priories located in Yorkshire were Colin’s inspiration for the exhibition. “These were once the places of great learning as well as divine communion.” He explains. “They were communities of hope and service to the surrounding population. All of that history can still be felt. I don’t think it leaves a place even though we see it as an empty shell.”

Featured structures in the collection include Ripon Abbey, Bolton Abbey, Kirkstall Abbey and Fountains Abbey.

Whitby Abbey by Colin Black
Whitby Abbey by Colin Black

York Minster is also featured in several of Colin’s works. From different aspects and at various times of day. “Living in York and having the Minister so close was exciting.” He says. “How it must have towered above its surroundings when it was built.” Some of the titles of the Minster pieces come from Christian liturgy and the original Latin. Septum Noctium meaning the seven nights, and Vigilia, the night watch, a military term from sunset to sunrise. 

York Minster-Vigilia
York Minster – Vigilia by Colin Black

Colin describes his work as mixed-media, meaning he uses what materials he feels are needed at the time of creation. “Oil painted papers are usually the first thing that goes down. Possibly more drawing, painting and collage.” He says. “I often have to change a colour several times until I know it is right. It’s a matter of adding and subtracting.”

Colin’s exhibition can be seen at Watermark Gallery, 8 Royal Parade, Harrogate, from 9th – 31st October 2020.

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