Tim Bosworth, Hoxton North Harrogate

Real Art, Real People – Tim Bosworth

Tim Bosworth is the owner of Harrogate’s favourite brunch venue, Hoxton North and also luxury lifestyle brand, Bonum Pellis. He lives in Harrogate with his wife Vicky and their three young children.

We invited Tim to be the first to feature in our Real Art, Real People feature – where we delve into people’s interactions with art and find out how it inspires them in their everyday life.

This morning, Tim popped into the gallery to choose his favourite piece of art, which was a nesting set of stoneware plates, created by potter Jun Rhee at 1265 Degrees North. We then caught up with him to ask about his thoughts when it comes to art and his life and work…

Tim Bosworth, Hoxton North Harrogate
Tim Bosworth

Hi Tim. So, tell us what excites you when it comes to art? 

Art is something that to me is an extension of how we all feel. What excites us is the ability to create something from nothing and to be able to express a feeling through multiple formats like, print, ceramics, textiles, or video.

Does art play a part in your inspiration for Bonum Pellis? 

Art can be translated into many forms. For me, the idea of what inspires us comes from many interests including travel, design, fashion, interiors and informative content. When we create our products, we believe they have to have both form and function, so in essence design and art play a large part in how our products will be perceived by our customers. 

If there was one piece of art you could own, what would it be? 

The one piece of Art I would love to have would be the “thinker by Rodin” As it symbolises creativity to me.

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