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Janine Jacques

Textile Artist Janine Jacques has a love of nature and beautiful landscapes which began at a young age. Having grown up on a Lincolnshire farm, her bedroom had an amazing view over the rolling fields, which is where her love for landscapes began. She kept many animals including a small flock of four sheep, which she sometimes includes in her artwork. Now her main medium of choice is wool.

In 2009 Janine and her friend created a website all about tea and cake and became obsessed with all things related. One day browsing a local craft shop Janine saw a felt tea cosy and decided to learn how to make one. She made her first felt tea cosy in 2015 and has been hooked on wet felting since. This led into creating felt landscape paintings and to follow her passion in art as an artist.

Janine’s work combines her training in painting with the ancient art of felt-making to celebrate and bring together the different skills of wet felting, needle felting and sewing. She uses wool to ‘paint’ with, needle felting to refine the detail and embellishes with hand embroidery.

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Janine’s statement pieces are created using many different materials. Her artwork is inspired by photographs of the landscapes she has visited throughout her life and recorded for future inspiration. Each piece is unique, evoking memories of a past time and place.

Janine Jacques graduated from university in 1996 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, gained a PGCE in Secondary Art Education and worked for many years in web design before returning to the studio to follow her passion and inspire others through a programme of felt making workshops.

She now lives and works in Yorkshire – within easy reach of the beautiful countryside. Read more about Janine Jacques here

Janine Jacques Feltmaker in her studio

Art & Contemporary Art

Colin Black

My work is primarily mixed-media and landscape based. My most recent series focusses on the monasteries and priories of Yorkshire. It’s their juxtaposition of architectural geometry and irregularity of decay that holds my attention. Even though it is their physical locations that inspire me it is back in my studio that a piece will take emotional shape, and the spirit of the place is realised. I love colour and express this through a variety of materials that includes oil, acrylic and water-based paint, oil pastel, collaged imagery, particularly maps, I will add and take away until its required “rightness” is achieved, through the creative process of distillation.

I studied at the Royal College of Art and the Chelsea School of Art in London. I worked as a graphic designer and taught art and design for many years. I spent twenty-five years living in Scotland, and now live in York with my wife Sallie, where we run Seek Art School. I work and teach in Seek Studio.

I have had work exhibited in solo and annual group exhibitions for the Royal Scottish Academy, the Royal Scottish Society of Watercolours and Visual Art Scotland. I have also been accepted for York Open Studios for the last two years.

Colin Black Artist in his studio

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