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Janine Burrows

Janine Burrows is a young at heart, diverse designer / painter / illustrator with over 30 year’s experience in various design roles.. Originally from a surface pattern / printed textiles background, Janine can now be found combining all those experiences into a freelance life designing greeting cards, stationery, wallpaper and childrens wear.

Painting is where Janine’s heart is and she is constantly influenced by the great British countryside and coast. Bold colour and expressive mark making are signature to Janine’s style along with texture and delicate details. Now based at the West Yorkshire Print Workshop in Mirfield, a wonderfully diverse creative environment which provides excellent space and light for Janine’s painting work to develop.

Trips to the coast and countryside have long been a source to inspire and feed the creative soul for Janine. In particular she is bowled over by the Northumberland coast, not only with its beauty and majestic shore lines but the weather beaten buildings, huts and sheds that shelter in amongst the dunes providing an endless source of inspiration to her work. Using mixed media to create these textural pieces, Janine mainly paints on canvas but enjoys the exploration of new substrates and surfaces to work on. Gouache, acrylic, pencil, oil pastel, even household paint make their uses in her exploration. Using photographs and sketches from these coastal experiences, Janine’s process is to recreate the essence of these scenes back in her studio, free to investigate those memories and captured moments.

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