Bronwen Gwillim

Bronwen Gwillim portrait3

Bronwen Gwillim makes bold statement jewellery from waste plastic foraged from small industrial companies and from the beaches where she lives in Pembrokeshire.

Plastic can be a soulless material but she imbues it with character by working its surfaces till the colours soften and it feels natural in the hand.  The shapes she uses reference those worn by the sea especially pebbles but shells, fossils and boat shapes are also an inspiration for forms, marks and textures.  

She likes to combine plastic with recycled silver and she also recycles the dust she creates through the making process by mixing with resin to create new composite materials so that very little is thrown away. 

  • Pale Blue Odd Earrings

    Pale Blue Odd Earrings

  • Yellow stud earrings

    Yellow Stud Earrings

  • Trio of bangles

    Trio of Bangles

  • Yellow bangle

    Yellow Bangle