Buying Advice

Buying Advice

Whether you are investing in art for the first time or you are a seasoned collector, we can help in your search for the most appropriate, contemporary or Modern British art to suit your taste and budget. We also work with interior designers, private and corporate collectors to help source the right artworks for commercial or residential projects.

Here are some key points to consider when investing in art:

Buy for Personal Choice

Investing in original artworks to display in your home will provide the return of years of enjoyment and pleasure. It might sound obvious but, even if art is bought as a financial investment, it is more rewarding if it you actually like the artwork. One can also gain satisfaction from supporting emerging artists and, where possible, we offer opportunities to meet and talk to our contemporary artists.

Consider the Artist’s Media

Generally speaking, paintings that have been produced in oil or acrylic on canvas or board command a higher price. This takes into account the length of time these works take an artist, their often larger scale and permanence. Watermark Gallery also explores and offers additional artworks which use paper as a support – original watercolours, limited edition or unique monotype prints and drawings – all of which are a great way to start an art collection, often at lower prices.

Modern British Prints – Collectable and Affordable Art

The term “Modern British” can be confusing, but generally refers to work by British artists of the late 19th and 20th centuries. The work we select for sale at Watermark Gallery focuses on both originals and prints by artists whose reputation continues to grow. John Piper, Edward Bawden and Robert Tavener are well known artists, active in this period. Their work has retained a timeless quality that can also work well in contemporary settings. Work by other Modern British artists and printmakers whose work we admire include Monica Poole, Bernard Cheese, Edwin La Dell and Norman Jaques, all of whose work can represent a good investment opportunity.

Children’s Illustration

We love illustrations from classic and contemporary children’s books. Many of these are famous artists such as E H Shepard, Quentin Blake and Edward Ardizzone. Watermark Gallery offers a growing range of original illustrations from much loved books which offer a great opportunity to own part of a much-loved story or to buy as a gift for a child.

Don’t forget the Framing

In our view, the way in which an artwork is presented is of paramount importance and can certainly make or break the way it looks on the wall. We place a lot of emphasis on the mounting and framing of the artworks we sell in the gallery and spend a lot of time considering different mouldings, not to mention hand finishes, paint colours and glass.

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