10 September - 8 October 2022

Rob Moore


Come and meet the artist, Rob Moore, at the opening to this exhibition between 12-2pm on Saturday 10th September.

Rob Moore is a Yorkshire-based painter and printmaker with a long career but whose vision remains fresh and unique through his fiercely independent approach to creativity and a need to continually challenge himself and the viewer in terms of intention and content.

One of our first gallery artists at Watermark, he walked in and made work from a love of rural surroundings in numerous sketchbook drawings.  He then developed paintings and print in studio-based pieces that echoed his journeys, observations, feelings and histories.  Recently Rob has introduced more architectural forms into his paintings and some of these echo his previous understated concerns about the effect of global warming on our landscape and lives.

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Rob’s work can be enjoyed for its colour, craft, and often beauty.  Quirky structures, altered perspectives, distortions of scale and hints of things not quite as they seem can also be deduced and be subtly suggestive of hidden meanings. The resulting images are intriguing and allow viewers to interpret the work in their own way with Rob lifting a finger and pointing rather than directing a specific response.

“I find it tricky to describe what I make in a simple sentence because the work is accumulative in that it includes many personal thoughts and facets, most of which can only be expressed visually.”

Rob Moore


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