Summer Cliffs by Pascale Rentsch RSW, mixed media


9 March - 8 April 2023

Pascale Rentsch

Looking for the Light

We’ve extended this exhibition ‘Looking For The Light’ until Saturday 15th April.

We hope you can come along and view the fabulous exhibition and new work from Pascale.

Pascale writes about her latest exhibition here…

“I am always looking for the light.  Not necessarily in its obvious form but more as an abstract, hidden meaning; the leaves of a bush lit by the streetlights, shining golden against the dark night sky.  Shells and stones which gleam on the dark slate seashore or the berries which glow like little embers across the grey landscape and the river flowers swaying gently with their delicate colour hues against the river’s edge.

“It’s those tiny lights that touch me and I try to hold and capture them in my paintings in a spontaneous way.  My work is an expression of my feelings of what I see and feel at that moment in time and being connected with my surrounding wholeheartedly.  They are there, the small lights, no matter how dark and dull a day might appear.

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“When we look and feel, we become connected and see those small lights right in front of us.  Those lights are magic; I paint them and take them with me.”

Pascale Rentsch RSW, February 2023

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