Artist Submissions

Watermark Gallery always welcomes submissions from artists who are interested in being represented by our gallery. We understand it can be a daunting process to approach a gallery and we are genuinely pleased to hear from all prospective artists, from any background. However, please be aware that we are currently being approached by at least one artist every day so it is difficult for us to keep up with all requests and we can’t always reply to each one.

If you are really interested in being one of our artists please do consider the following tips and information before applying to us:

As a starting point please do visit our gallery in Harrogate or, if that’s not possible, have a good look at our website. Please consider whether your work would complement work by existing artists.

Consider whether you would like to work with us! We think working with a gallery should be a mutually beneficial relationship and needs to work both ways.

Our style is primarily semi-abstract landscapes and floral paintings and limited-edition prints. We don’t take art from anyone whose work:

  • Is similar in style to that of another gallery artist.
  • Is listed in another gallery within 25 miles of our Harrogate gallery. This is because we want to offer a really varied selection of work that is different to that of other galleries in our region.
  • We don’t include photography, portraiture or photo-realist work.

Please don’t bring work into the gallery to show us during the working day. Our priority is to serve customers during this time.

All work that is submitted to the gallery must be well presented. By that we mean mounted, framed using quality materials and fitted with D-ring hangings and cord so that it is ready to go on the wall. We will ask you at the submission stage how you plan to present your work. We do know how expensive it is to frame artworks but there is a direct correlation between what sells and quality framing. If you can afford to then use low reflect, UV filtering glass too, but this is not essential.

Be realistic about pricing. If your submission is successful we can advise on this but retail pricing of artworks have to be the same if sold in the gallery or by an artist direct.

If all of the above makes sense to you then by all means send us a submission.

To submit work please send the following:

  1. No more than 5 images of recent work, that accurately represents a body of your work
  2. A short (no more than a paragraph) biography of you; where you trained (if applicable), your inspiration and where you currently exhibit.
  3. A list of your social media accounts.

If you would like further information on any of the above please contact us at Watermark Gallery on (01423) 562659 or by email: [email protected]




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