Float Ring by Hannah Bedford


Hannah Bedford

Hannah Bedford skilfully combines the ancient art of granulation with design innovation for a contemporary signature look. Influenced by organic growth and the ever-changing movement of water, Hannah cultivates new ways to embellish her pieces with delicate droplets of gold. Contrasting precious metals add tone and richness to Hannah’s aesthetic.

Sculptural waves may be joined in whorls of gold granulation, where ocean-toned sapphires are artfully nestled. Or fine granulation may interlace between surfaces, linking necklaces and bangles, embellishing delicate earrings and weaving across engagement and wedding rings. Minute granules may be embedded with exquisite diamond detailing or hidden surfaces covered with delicate granulation. A beautiful secret unbeknown to all but the wearer.

Focused on growing her ethical credentials, Hannah Bedford offers Fairtrade and recycled precious metal options as well as certified ethical diamonds and gems. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in her studio at Cockpit Arts  in London, where Hannah also works with clients, to create beautiful bespoke commissions.

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Hannah lives and works in South London with her partner and two young children.

See more of Hannah Bedford’s work here.

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