No Dippers Today, original painting by Winifred Hodge

Art & Contemporary Art

Winifred Hodge

In all my paintings the aim is to convey my feelings and sense of awareness of that particular environment. I have always spent much time outdoors, having been brought up on a farm, spending much time by the sea and living in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales for many years.
Now living in Edinburgh I spend much time along the East Lothian coast and am fortunate to be closer to the islands off the north west coast of Scotland that have always been a huge source of inspiration for me.
I never cease to be amazed by the beauty found around me in the countryside, and in particular am fascinated by the energy of moving water and its journey to the sea.. I sketch and paint outdoors and for me painting is all about capturing a moment in time, a snapshot – the distillation of a scene down to its core elements. I enjoy that challenge, using whatever medium is the most approriate for the subject, on paper or on board, working spontaneously and intuitively to capture that sense of wonder in 2D for others to enjoy too.
Winifred Hodge, artist, painting in Scotland

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