Sharp Frost, original ceramic by Yvette Glaze


Yvette Glaze

Yvette Glaze is a professional ceramicist based in East Sussex. She began her career as a scenic artist in theatre. and later went on to teach art and ceramics in therapeutic settings, including working with people with mental health problems and physical and learning difficulties.

Yvette describes her work with ceramics as follows:

“The inspiration for my ceramic art comes from landscapes or objects that retain a strong emotional imprint. This can be seen through layers of colour and texture or paint, rust and pattern.

I begin my process by sketching, painting and printing. These are an important part of developing my ideas. i work instinctively to capture how I feel about an image which often leads to an abstract representation. These explorations progress to my work on the clay surface. I use a multi-layered technique using slips, coloured clay, print texture and mark making. The clay becomes a canvas in which to develop my work.

My ceramics are slab built forms and all are one -off pieces that are completely unique.”

Yvette Glaze artist portrait.

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