A Boat with Silken Sails by Jane Ray, mixed media

How to choose art for your child’s bedroom



Long gone are the days when the only option to decorate your boy’s bedroom was to paint it sky blue with stars or baby pink with hearts for the girls.

Today, we are lucky that we can find a phenomenal amount of inspiration for our kid’s bedroom interiors – coming from magazine articles, Instagram pages, Pinterest boards and numerous posts from parent bloggers and stylists. We don’t have to look far to find beautiful Scandi-style furniture, dreamy bed linen and soft furnishings as well as fun children’s prints and murals to match. The options are endless!

Many families are currently opting to keep children’s bedrooms neutral and soft on the walls and shelving, dressing them up with brightly coloured artwork instead. To help you to narrow down the options for your child, here we share some tips about choosing the perfect pieces of artwork to complement your child’s style and personality:

Each child is unique in the things they love to play with and the topics that they find the most interesting to learn about. Therefore, finding artwork that is thought-provoking and fascinating for them can not only look great, but it can help with their development and learning journey too.

If your child has a favourite book or a favourite author, then do some research to see if the illustrations are available to buy either in original format or as prints. Children’s illustrations on walls and shelves can create magical environments for your little ones – sparking imagination and encouraging role play. These pieces can also be a great investment, which, in the future, your child can pass down through the generations to their children too.

Personalised spaces

Personalisation has become a growing trend over recent years among children and adults alike. Bespoke prints, wall stickers and illuminated canvases using your child’s name (or nickname) can add a really personal touch to their bedroom space, making them feel totally at home.

This style may have previously been reserved only for babies and toddlers but is now popular with older children and even teenagers too. If you feel that their full name is too much, then opt for the first letter of their name or initials only.

Kids’ own artwork

Nothing is more personalised and encouraging for a child than to have their own designs and creations displayed in their rooms for themselves and everyone else to see. Whether it’s a rainbow collage of tissue paper in their favourite colours, a painted bird image or a portrait of their family members, you can show your children how special you think their work is by getting it framed and hung in their room (or even somewhere more prominent in the house).

By mixing a selection of their own artwork with artwork and illustrations by other artists, you are encouraging them to be interested in art from an early age. Giving them a sense of achievement and setting aspirations for the future too.

Children’s artwork at Watermark Gallery

Here at Watermark Gallery, we have a growing range of original children’s illustrations and wall art from a hand-selected group of children’s illustrators such as Jane Ray and Lisa Stubbs. Perfect for your child’s bedroom or nursery.

We welcome children of all ages to the gallery. Do pop into our gallery in Harrogate with your child to take a look or browse online for further inspiration.

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