Jane Ray

Jane Ray began her career in art designing greetings cards, book jackets and posters, before moving into children’s book illustration, where she now specialises in fairy tales, mythology and folk tales. Jane has worked with many different publishers.

Notable titles include; Moonbird by Joyce Dunbar, Stories for a Fragile Planet, retold by Kenneth Steven and Zeraffa Giraffa, a lively and characterful children’s book by Dianne Hofmeyr for Frances Lincoln. Original works of art from all these titles as well as limited edition prints are all available from the Watermark Gallery.

Jane’s work frequently takes her into schools where she finds the thoughts and responses of children to be invaluable. Recently this has involved a project creating 200 mythical beasts for a pop-up festival in a London primary school, a set of painted murals for Enfield children’s library as well as ongoing art workshops for refugees in Islington.

In addition to her work as an illustrator, Jane enjoys writing books and we are very pleased to offer original artwork from her title, The Dolls House Fairy, in the Watermark Gallery collection.

Read more about Jane Ray’s work here.

  • Jane Ray Exhibition Catalogue

  • Guided by Birds and Stars (Original)

  • Green Tree (Original)

  • Golden Tree (Original)

  • Inside the Dolls' House (Original)

  • Little Fairy (Original)

  • Partridge in a Pear Tree (Original)

  • Nine Ladies Dancing (Original)

  • The Christmas Feast (Original)

  • A Boat with Silken Sails (Original)

  • The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Original)

  • Cover Artwork, Zeraffa Giraffa (Original)

  • Zeraffa Sets Sail (Original)

  • Atir Whispered in Zeraffa's Ear

  • Giraffe Topiary (Original)

  • Cobblestones of Marseille (Original)

  • Cover Artwork Heartsong (Original)

  • A City Built on Water (Original)

  • The Fairy Tree (Original)

  • A Shimmering Gown (Original)