Louise Davies RE

Portrait of Louise Davies RE

Painterly images using intense layers of translucent colour and overlapping shifting shapes are pulled together by calligraphic lines that define the subject matter. This is the hallmark of artist Louise Davies RE. Her work covers a range of techniques including painting, etching and monoprints. All of which employ the artist’s individual approach to colour.

Much of this work stems from her formative years in the West of England where the countryside was her place of reference.  Later moving to London the artist reminisced on the landscape by adding her own romantic notion of colour to emphasise the beauty of nature, induced by nostalgia for the past. Suns rising and setting; turbulent storms; calm and troubled waters,  are all represented by the artist using her unique style of layering bold transparencies of colour that are all enveloping

Davies also uses drama and  vibrant colour to depict London and cityscapes. Buildings are back lit by luminescent skies that add magic and excitement to the already vibrant city. The River Thames is set alight with neon colours that reflect the mood of the image. And yet, the addition of line adds structure to the scene giving it stability.

It is apparent in all of Davies work that her love of the environment is paramount and that her intuitive use of the media is testament to her mastery of these techniques.

Louise Davies R.E. is a fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers  and currently resides in London with her husband and family. She has devoted the last thirty five years to her art work having trained as a painter and printmaker. 

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  • Red Bay Painting by Louise Davies RE

    Red Bay

  • Almeria Oil on Canvas Louise Davies RE


  • Approaching Storm Monoprint Louise Davies

    Approaching Storm

  • After The Storm, Oil on Canvas by Louise Davies RE

    After The Storm

  • The Olive Groves, Painting Louise Davies

    The Olive Groves

  • Spring The Four Seasons Monoprint by Louise Davies RE

    Spring, The Four Seasons

  • Summer The Four Seasons, Monoprint by Louise Davies

    Summer, The Four Seasons

  • Autumn The Four Seasons

    Autumn, The Four Seasons

  • Winter The Four Seasons Monoprint by Louise Davies

    Winter, The Four Seasons

  • Fading Light Etching Louise Davies RE

    Fading Light

  • Distant Shores Print Louise Davies

    Distant Shores

  • Summer Solstice Etching Louise Davies RE

    Summer Solstice

  • By The Sea Etching Louise Davies RE

    By The Sea

  • The Endless Moors, Etching by Louise Davies RE

    The Endless Moors

  • Summer Heat, Etching by Louise Davies RE

    Summer Heat

  • Moonlight Over The Moors, Etching by Louise Davies RE

    Moonlight Over The Moors

  • Across The Valley Etching by Louise Davies RE

    Across The Valley