Creative ways to include art into a small space

When it comes to smaller living areas, we have to take advantage of every inch of space we have. This is true when it comes to choosing furniture, storage solutions and decoration.

Similarly, the same is true when it comes to selecting artwork and sculpture to adorn your home. The artwork you choose should reflect your style and personality but should also complement the area it is placed in, too.

Luckily, there are some creative ways that you can incorporate affordable art into your small space, often even creating the illusion of a bigger area. Here, we suggest a few idea

Divide and frame

When walls and doors are non-existent, for example in a studio apartment or an open-plan townhouse, it is possible to create boundaries using art.

For example, you could separate your living space from your kitchen area by changing the mood of the art in each space. The art in your kitchen area could be very minimal, perhaps with one or two statement pieces, however your living area could feature a variety of softer juxta-positioned pieces to create a calmer and more relaxing atmosphere. You could also use plinths, shelving and large plants in ceramic pots to divide areas that don’t have a door, or that you want to keep separate.

Create an imaginary window to the outside world

Like a magical window to a faraway place, you can use art to create extra light as well as a magical atmosphere in an otherwise small, urban space.

Choose a large piece on a focal wall, which features an exterior image of a scene which you find calming or motivating. It could be of a scene you have personally witnessed before, or purely something which you see, and which has an immediate impact on your senses. The scene could be of a woodland area, a beach, a lake, a desert or a field full of lavender – choose something that you can connect with and that will open up the room to the outside world.

Place art in unassuming locations

Some of the most impactful pieces of art are found in areas of the home where they are least expected. It is not only large open walls that are fit for artworks, there are many other less-obvious spots that can help to add layers to your home without requiring oodles of space.

Strategically-placed frames on top of bookshelves can be very effective, as well as smaller ceramics and sculptures interspersed between the books themselves. You could also consider hanging art on the back of a door, which is revealed once the door is closed (if you choose this option be careful when hanging to ensure you secure the piece to prevent it from bouncing around or being damaged every time the door is opened and closed).

A bathroom is also an unexpected, but great place to hang art. Your bathroom should naturally be a place of relaxation and serenity, so a well-place piece can help to enhance that indulgent experience if placed opposite the shower, or behind the bath, perhaps. Again, you will need to ensure that your artwork is protected under glass in wet or steamy areas to prevent damage.

Here to help…

If you have a small space that you are looking to fill with art, then, why not pop into our Harrogate gallery, or give us a call to discuss some ideas. We would be thrilled to hear from you and chat to you about your requirements.

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