Contemporary Jewellery by Amy Wilkinson at Watermark Gallery


Amy Wilkinson

Having graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2003 with First Class Honours in Three Dimensional Design, Amy Wilkinson has continued to design and hand-make jewellery using precious metals.

Amy is based in Manchester where she has a studio at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre. She has created a number of collections and continues to experiment and develop new work. Her main inspiration is driven from layering and drawing simple forms to build intricate three dimensional structures that play with shape and shadows.

Watermark Gallery is delighted to include Amy’s Abstract Butterfly Collection as part of it’s current range. As Amy says, “These delicate arrangements of small silver pieces have been flattened, distorted, textured, folded and soldered together, to resemble clusters of butterflies. The simple abstract shapes and the textured surfaces play with light and shadow to create a fluttering effect when worn”.

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When she is not in her studio, Amy uses metal work skills as an armature maker at Mackinnon & Saunders making stop-motion animation puppets in films such as The Corpse Bride, Fantastic Mr Fox, Frankenweenie and ParaNorman and the Sainsbury Christmas Advert 2016. She has also helped create children’s TV programs such as, Postman Pat, The Clangers, Twirly Woos, Raa Raa and Tobys Travelling Circus.

Amy Wilkinson Jeweller

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