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Our sister company, Artworks Conservation, is one of the leading conservation companies in the UK, specialising in the conservation and restoration of all works of art on paper, including watercolours, prints and drawings.

Artworks Conservation works with a range of clients from private individuals and collectors to art dealers, museums, galleries and institutions. Existing and recent clients include The Mercer Gallery, Harrogate, The Hepworth Wakefield, Tate Liverpool and the National Trust.

Based in a converted chapel just outside Harrogate, North Yorkshire, our qualified conservators can advise on a comprehensive range of conservation treatments such as; removing foxing spots and stains, repairing loses and tears, and flattening artworks that have been folded or cockled. We work in a modern, well equipped and secure studio. We also undertake high quality mounting and framing and can advise on display, preservation and transporting art.

Find out more about our work with individuals, artists and galleries to conserve the appearance of a specific artwork, or collection.

Areas of Expertise

Watercolour, prints and drawings


We help protect and add value to works of art by repairing and conserving damaged looking watercolours, prints and drawings. Do you have a watercolour that is foxed, a drawing that is damaged or a modern screen-print which needs conservation, mounting and framing?

Pastel post conservation


Pastel is amongst the most delicate of media so they can require care to preserve, restore and mount them. The studio is equipped to undertake a range of treatments and framing options for these beautiful artworks

Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art

From Lowry to Banksy, Bridget Riley to Keith Haring, the market for modern art, including drawings and limited-edition prints, is very strong and condition is vitally important.  We have a wealth of experience of adding value to contemporary artwork and protecting it with our museum-quality, bespoke framing.

Kiri Douglas Conservator

Posters and Maps

Posters are often large in scale, sometimes rare and highly collectable. As paper conservators we are skilled at restoring, lining and framing even the largest works on paper. We love the challenge of bringing great posters and maps to life again.

Eastern Art

Eastern Art

We are experts in the traditional conservation and restoration of Eastern art, including:

Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints

Chinese and Japanese scrolls

Indian Mughal miniatures

Oriental folding screens


Parchment and Vellum

Parchment or vellum has a long history of use for both manuscripts and art. Artworks Conservation specialises in the conservation of this interesting material. Treatments offered include flattening of parchment rolls, repair of tears and wax seals, mounting and framing


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