Louise McNiff

Louise McNiff in her Ceramics Studio
Vast open moorland. Steep rocky edges look down onto deep sweeping valleys. Dark patches of tree belt, stone walls and hedges fragment the land. The landscape of The Peak District, the place that inspires my work.
I make prints and produce hand-built ceramics in my studio, situated on the edge of the Derbyshire Peak District.
Using techniques which draw on my background as a Printmaker, I ‘etch’ sgraffito lines into the leather hard clay with handmade tools. Coloured slips are monoprinted, painted and stencilled to build layers of drawing, mark making and colour. I work intuitively, until I feel I have reached a balance of colour, shape and line and my experience of the landscape has been conveyed. The vessels are then taken to stoneware temperature in an electric kiln.
  • Slip Decorated Stoneware Louise McNiff

    Slip Decorated Stoneware - Small Oval